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Yeast = Beast

December 30, 2011

So, my next big step on my rid all the yeast in my body.

Yeast = Beast.

It has taken over and I need to kill it!  All of us have some yeast in our bodies, but I have too much because of eating gluten for so long.  An overproduction of yeast is a side effect of being allergic to gluten.  To become completely freakin gluten free I need to get rid of it all!

Here is the plan:

For 3 months (90 days) I need to cut out the following from my diet:

-Gluten (check)

-Sugar 😦  I’ll miss dark chocolate!

-Dairy (noooo, not cheese!)


-Caffeine (good think i don’t drink coffee!)

-Corn (this is really sad because I LOVE corn: tortilla, pirates booty, popcorn, etc)

-yeast (obviously, haha)

After 90 days go by I can…

Slowly start adding food back in to see how my body responses.  All in moderation, or course

SO it will be a very healthy 90 days for me! haha.  Hopefully after that the yeast will be gone FOREVER!

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