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One Week Down

January 9, 2012

7 days down…many more to go!  The first week went really smoothly.  The diet hasn’t been that bad and I feel great from eating so healthy.

Something I miss… Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds w/sea salt.  They are gluten free, too.  Seriously, you should go to your local Trader Joes and buy some.  Eat them on my behalf!

Something new I like…Brown Rice Tortillas (also gluten free)!  I’ve had them before, but this week I’ve been putting a little butter and garlic salt on it, them putting it in the oven at 300 for about 4 minutes to get it really crispy.  Taste like a healthy, delicious, crunchy chip!

Something I learned…I like to snack, even when I’m not hungry.  Now that my snack foods are limited to carrots and a handful to fruit, I really think about whether or not I’m really needing to eat something.

Thanks for reading and for your support. More to come! 🙂

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