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I Vow to…

February 27, 2012

Over the weekend I saw the new movie, “The Vow”, inspired by a true story about a newlywed couple that was in a terrible car accident and the wife lost her memory.  The love story was not what I expected going into the movie, but it got me thinking about the “vows” I want to make to myself (and my readers) through the end of March.

I started this blog as a way to hold myself accountable to my Candia Cleanse, but have really gotten off track the past few weeks.  With my birthday, engagement parties, valentines day, and wedding tasting, there have been numerous occasions where my self-control was put to the test.  I’m sad to say that I didn’t always win the battle against my sweet tooth.

SO for the next 5 weeks I vow to…

Not eat any sweets (chocolate is really my problem)

Not eat any dairy

And to live inside the warmth of you bellies by posting yummy food recipes (if you saw the movie this might make sense, if not it’s just an awkward bad joke…)

These vows are pretty romantic, huh? haha.

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