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Tarte Makeup

March 5, 2012

Being completely Gluten Free means keeping gluten completely off and in my body.  That includes using gluten free makeup.  Not easier said than done.  I was using Smashbox liquid foundation, but had an allergic reaction in the form of bad acne. Once I stopped using the makeup, the acne disappeared.  Although Smashbox told me their makeup contains no gluten, my skin showed otherwise.

SO, I am now trying a new line Tarte Cosmetics, a high-performance natural makeup line.  I’ve been using the tinted moisturizer. It is light and soft, gives a little bit of coverage, and has SPF 20 in it.  If I need more coverage, I add the clay pressed powder, which I also really like.  I’d never used a powder before because I’ve found that powdered makeup is not good for dry skin, but this has only left my skin looking natural.

I emailed the Tarte Cosmetics costumer service to inquire about the ingredients in their makeup.  Here is the response I got back:

“Thank you for contacting tarte about our gluten-free products and policy.  We recognize that identifying gluten-free products is imperative to some of our customers.  In 2010 tarte modified all packaging and removed claims that read “formulated without gluten.” While tarte can ensure the products that formerly made up the gluten-free category were formulated without gluten, the plant where they are manufactured may or may not produce items with raw materials containing gluten. Since we cannot confirm this, and our priority is the safety and health of our customers, we decided to voluntarily remove the gluten-free category and therefore no longer state that any of our products are 100% gluten-free. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.”


So, the makeup IS gluten free, but they cannot guarantee that is does not pick up traces of gluten in the manufacturing process.  I’ve been using the makeup for about 2 weeks not and have not had any allergic reactions. Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that the makeup is safe to use.

I bought my Tarte makeup at the Ulta Beauty store.  You can also purchase it on their website here:

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