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Cheers to St. Patrick and Green Tea!

March 17, 2012

In honor of Saint Patrick’s day, I’ve been consuming green tea all day long.  I guess it’s my alternative to gluten-filled, green beer. Haha.

Green tea is delicious.  It’s calming, refreshing, energizing, and relaxing all in one big cup.  Studies also show that it helps fight cancer, aids digestion, and lowers cholesterol.  I’m no doctor, so you can read more about that on wedMD, here:

When I first found out that tea was one of the offenders of containing gluten (in the natural flavors and casings) I though, “oh no! I don’t want to give up my green tea!”  I instantly went to Whole Foods in search of gluten free tea.   Last Spring, The Republic of the Tea was the only brand I could find with the certified GF stamp of approval.  Now, many other teas have caught on and finding GF tea is very possible.

Here is a short, but definitely not exhaustive, list of gluten free tea brands:

-The Republic of Tea

-All Trader Joe’s tea

-Yogi tea

-Good Earth

-Celestial Seasoning

*Also be sure to check the box!  Certain teas are always not GF (i.e. Gingerbread tea)


Happy St. Patricks Day!  Enjoy a cup or two of GREEN tea today 🙂

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