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Tuesday’s Tip: Sneaky Gluten

September 11, 2012

Happy Tuesday!  It is the perfect day out in Boston.  Not to muggy or hot, but not to cold.  The perfect amount of sunshine with a little breeze.  I feel like I’m back in San Diego. Almost.

My tip this week is to watch out for sneaky gluten!  Sneaky gluten hides itself in malt, starch, natural flavors, and caramel coloring.

99.9% MALT and STARCH are ALWAYS GLUTEN containing ingredients!  Unless specified {i.e. potato starch, corn malt}, always assume that it is gluten.

In my experience, NATURAL FLAVORS and CARAMEL COLORING can go either way.  I always call the company or google the product before I have any of it.  For most companies, their natural flavors {usually spices} and caramel coloring {syrups, etc} are either never gluten free, or always gluten free.  It’s best to check first to make sure you aren’t about to consume any SNEAKY GLUTEN!

And as always, be sure to always read the list of ingredients!  You’ll be surprised how many products {even shampoo!} that you find sneak gluten in!

I hope that you’re able to enjoy the sunshine today.

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