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Fanatic Fans and a G-Free Stand at Fenway

September 18, 2012

This weeks “tip” is more of a fun story about a baseball adventure with my girlfriends last week.  My friend Alli had free tickets to the Red Sox v. Yankees game.  Score!  Of course, when you go to a game with four gals, none of whom are die-hard fans, it’s easy to start chatting and quickly forget why we’re at Fenway in the first place.  It’s the top of the 6th inning, Yankees are winning 1-0, and we’re talking about the most recent celebrity gossip and our favorite T.V. shows that will start airing again this Fall.  A guy dancing on the jumbo-tron catches our attention and we all look to the screen.  Erin then notices the handsome gentleman in the baseball cap sitting next to his dancing friend, laughingand looking slightly embarrassed.  Erin points and yells “That’s Jon Hamm!”  We all start freaking out at the celebrity spotting, not to mention that we were JUST talking about how much we love the show Mad Men and our mixed feelings about Don Drapper.  It’s now bottom of the 6th and the game is really getting exciting.  We decided that we have to go find Jon Hamm.  An opportunity like this will probably never happen again.  So we make our way down to home plate and sit in incredible seats, perusing the crowed to try and spot him.





It’s now the eight inning and time to sing “Sweet Caroline” {my personal favorite part of every Red Sox game}.  We stand on our seats and see Jon Hamm just a few sections over next to the Red Sox dugout!  We continue to be sneaky and get to the section next to him, about 10 rows back.  We start yelling his name and waving like the fanatic fans we are.  He turns around and waves back!  Then, he gave us a big grin!  Mission complete!

We all decided that this was the best Red Sox game we’ve ever been to.  We definitely hit a grand slam finding Jon Hamm {too bad the Red Sox couldn’t do the same}!
I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same exciting experience we did the next time you go to Fenway Park, but I also learned that there is a GLUTEN FREE stand in Concourse D.  They sell hummus, fruit, trail mix, chips, etc.  Nothing looked amazing and it was all overpriced like any ball park food, but at least you know there is an option so you don’t have to salivate while watching everyone else drink beer and eat hot dogs.

Go Red Sox!

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