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Penne Pesto Pasta

September 28, 2012

Craig and I have been married 83 blissful days {hooray!}. One of my favorite go to recipes has been Penne Pesto Pasta. Since we got our food processor as a wedding gift, I’ve branched out in making pesto, but stick to using reliable, tasty recipe. This is a great dinner to make if you’re short on time and craving something hearty and delicious. It’s also a great meal to restore your significant others’ faith in your cooking because you botched the pinterest recipe you tried last night {or is it just me that’s done that?}.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Penne pasta {I like GF brown rice penne}
Pesto sauce (see pesto post for homemade, dairy and gluten free recipe)
4 chicken breast
A can of artichoke hearts
A can of roasted red bell peppers (or sundried tomatoes to mix it up)
Pine nuts
Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper to taste


Bring water to a boil and add bag of penne

In a large, deep skillet, add a teaspoon EVOO and cook chicken on medium heat

Once chicken cooked, add chopped asparagus and let cook for 5 minutes

Drain can of artichokes and bell peppers

Turn heat to medium-low and add artichokes, bell peppers, and pine nuts

chicken, asparagus, artichoke hearts, and roasted red bell peppers ready to be mixed with the pasta!

Drain cooked pasta and add to pan

Add pesto (homemade or store bought) and mix everything together

Penne Pesto Pasta done!

You can sprinkle parmesan cheese on if you’d like

Serve and enjoy!

Happy husband enjoying dinner = success and A+ chef!

With this easy recipe, I’ve restored my husband’s faith in my cooking!  Have a wonderful weekend Freakin Gluten Free-ers!


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