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Apples, Friends, and Fall Adventures

September 30, 2012

If I was at home in San Diego I’d most likely be spending my Saturday afternoon at the beach, or wandering around a farmer’s market filled with organic fruits and vegetables.  Now that I’m a Bostonian, instead of frolicking on the sand, I spent my Saturday climbing trees and picking apples at an orchard in New Hampshire.  A bushel of friends met at Lull Farm and enjoyed a cloudy, fall day picking apples together. We ran around the rows of apples and filled our bags with a peck of Golden Delicious, Fuji, and McIntosh varieties.  Afterward, we gathered inside the farm-house to drink coffee and eat apple cider donuts.  In the past, I’ve vicariously lived through my gluten-eating friends as they enjoy a fresh-baked, warm, apple cider donut, that smells like a burst of cinnamon and nutmeg.  To my excitement and surprise, they now sell “Something Sweet Without Wheat” bakery items.  I had a 3-pack of gluten-free Snikerdoodle cookies.  They were thin and crunchy cookies with a cinnamon and sugar crust  that hit the spot after a day of apple picking!  Finally, I felt like I got to partake in enjoying the goodness of fall baked goods.

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