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Homemade Chicken Broth

October 31, 2012

Hi freaking gluten free friends!

As promised in my post yesterday, here is how-to on how to make your own chicken broth.  I encourage you to try to make your own.  I was intimidated by it when I’d hear someone casually mention making it, but it is serisouly SO easy.  You’ll be amazed by how much better it tastes than store bought broth.

Here is what you do…

1. Buy a whole chicken.  I get a free range, organic chicken

2. Remove the wrapping and put the WHOLE chicken in a large pot

3. Fill the pot with filtered water till the chicken is covered

4. Turn the stove on medium-high and put the lid on the pot.  Once it is simmering, turn the stove down to med-low

5. Let the chicken simmer for 4 hours!

6.  Drain the broth into a large bowl (I usually need a few)

7.  Pull the chicken off the bones.  It literally falls right off! You can use the chicken for soup and/or other recipes!

*I usually freeze some of the broth to save and use for soup later.  Since it is so fresh, it goes bad within the week, so plan on eating a lot of soup if you don’t freeze any broth…

*For extra flavor, but a few dried basil leaves in the water while the chicken is simmering.

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