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Gluten Free Lancome Products

April 7, 2013

Wearing gluten-free beauty products is an important part of being totally gluten-free.   I had a season of bad acne and realized it was caused by the gluten in my makeup.  So, I went on a quest to find out with nice, quality, makeup I could wear that would not make my skin break out.

I have had tremendous luck with Lancome makeup.



  • All liners, glosses, and lipsticks


  • Teint Idole Fresh Wear Foundation
  • Teint Miracle Foundation
  • Photogenic Lumessence Foundation
  • Imanance tinted cream
  • Blush Subtil powder blush
  • Star Bronzer power

Eye Makeup:

  • Mascaras: Hyphosedrama and Definiciles.  *They are unsure about the waterproof mascara
  • ALL color design eyeshadows
  • Effacernes under eye concealer
  • Artliner, precision point eyeliner
  • Bi-Facil eye makeup remover

Skin Care:

  • Cream Mousse Confort face wash
  • *Tonique Confort toner is NOT gluten-free
  • Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30 Cream  *The night cream is NOT gluten-free
  • High Resolution Refill 3x Night (*most of their night creams have gluten in them)
  • Exfoliant Fraichelle Body Scrub

These are just the Lancome products I asked about.  Always be sure to check yourself, as products and ingredient may change over time.



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