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Gluten Free Sunscreen Guide

July 11, 2013

I am packing my bags and getting ready for a fun week in the sun with my family.  Every summer we spend a week water skiing, wake boarding, and lounging on the lake.  It is a blast and I can’t wait till the clock strikes 5 PM tomorrow and I’m officially on vacation!

Like lotions and makeup, SUNSCREEN CAN ALSO HAVE GLUTEN IN IT!  While it is important to protect your skin from UV Rays, be sure to protect your body from absorbing hidden gluten.  The main ingredients I’ve found to watch out for are starch and barley.

The two brands of sunscreen I trust to rub on are Coppertone and Up & Up (Target’s generic brand).  All Up & Up products are gluten free (i.e. cold medicine) and I’ve spoken with a Coppertone phone rep. about their sunscreen, which are also all gluten free.

I’ve also cross-checked other blogs and online forums and these brands are listed multiple places as being gluten-free:

·         Banana Boat (sunscreen only)

·         Blue Lizard Sunscreen

·         Bullfrog Sunscreen

·         Coppertone (all products)

·         Gluten Free Remedies (I order a lot of my vitamins from here as well and really like the brand)

·         Kiss my Face (along with a lot of their other products, which are noted GF on the bottle)

·         Neutrogena (SPF 50 and below)

Now that you know you’re skin is protected and you’ve stayed away from gluten, go have some fun in the sun! 🙂

**As always, please be sure to read labels and double check with the company as the sunscreen formula may have changed.

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  1. Destiny permalink
    August 16, 2015 1:10 pm

    Do you know if this includes up & up kids sunscreen spray? It’s not our usual but we were on a crunch and I’ve been spraying it in hand and rubbing it on and I can’t find info anywhere. :/


  1. Sunscreen and gluten-free living… your skin absorbs what you 'wear' too! - gluten-free with wendi e.gluten-free with wendi e.

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